PUNCH KIDS: Martial Arts for School Children



·         Martial Arts: An Exciting Addition to the Physical Education Curriculum


·         Should Martial Arts Be Taught in Physical Education Classes?


·         Promoting self-regulation through school-based martial arts training


·         A Review of the Effects of Martial Arts Practice on Health


·         Effects of participation in a martial arts–based antibullying program in elementary schools


·         Martial arts as a mental health intervention for children? Evidence from the ECLS-K

·         The Effects of Mixed Martial Arts on Behavior of Male Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


·         Martial Arts Practice As Treatment For Children With AD/HD


·         Psychosocial Benefits of the Martial Arts: Myth or Reality?


·         Martial arts as sport and therapy


·         Martial Arts Training: A Novel “Cure” for Juvenile Delinquency


·         The Social Practice of Self-Defense Martial Arts: Applications for Physical Education


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